Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Fairly Good Week

So this week was rather decent for the most part. The weather was kinda hot and we did quite a bit of walking due to a fault of effective planning, but we were able to get one baptism this week, which did make me rather happy especially since last week, we didn’t get one. But the girl we baptized this week is called Maiara. She was a reference from a member. From this girl as well we were able to find four more people who are showing a lot of interest in the church as well and who also went to her baptism, which was really good. Hopefully we can continue baptizing weekly. I can truly feel the Lord help us in our work though. These last two transfers have been the best I have had in my mission and I am glad with the work that I have been able to perform for the Lord in this time. I hope that I can continue on with this rhythm until the end of my mission. But transfers are coming up in three weeks and I am almost sure that I will be transferred. I kinda hope I train cause I have not done so yet and I would like the experience. But nothing out of the ordinary happened this week. Just know I am doing fine and missing you all. Love you all!!!

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