Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!!! So I had a big list of things written in my planner to talk about but I accidently left it in the apartment before we left for the LAN house. I will try and remember all I wrote down! Anyways here are some pictures of around Piedade and the bus station, one is of Sorocabo and two are on the bus back from Sorocabo. So one thing y’all should know about Sao Paulo state is that it has a lot of Japanese in it, thus explaining the arch thing that they built as a monument, this is on the road to some investigators we have that live far away in another village. But there are some others of us working at a members house and just the area around Piedade. This week we also ate at a real Brazillian Churrasco, which was really good. The meat was better than that of Tucanos, but the salad bar wasn’t that great, except for their bananas that were fried in a sweet batter and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, those were really good, I ate like 10. We also had a birthday we went to this week for one of the members daughters, we had a Churrosco there as well and their house was on top of a hill and they built a little tower thing you can climb up and look at the city which was pretty cool. Also the birthday girl asked me for an apple note book. So that is what I got her!! Thus explaining the apple and the notebook. Anyways if y’all have questions, please ask about the pictures! Oh also there is one of the church.

So in Brazil it is cool to have shirts that have English written on them, even if what they say makes no sense, one specifically that I thought was the funniest was this sweater a girl was wearing and it said (Parachuting, The Mind is Native Sense), yeah, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean another said ( Surprised and Wondered like a Pop Star) again no idea. But I get a kick out of trying to find shirts that have things like that written on them.

Also in Brazil they LOVE Adele, well at least her Someone Like You, I can’t escape it just like I can’t escape Love in a Hopeless Place. It is just funny.

Anyways this week my mission president came to Piedade for the final session of his training workshop for leaders in the area and we were able to go! He talked on missionary work and how every member is a missionary and gave some great scriptures, sadly I forgot the note book I took notes in so it is kinda hard for me to talk about right now cause I can’t quite remember all the details, a lot happened this week. But it was nice to get to see my president and learn from him. Oh so some facts I don’t think I told y’all about my mission president. His father was the first black man to receive his Endowments in the church, and he was the first black man to serve a mission since black men were able to hold the Priesthood, which is really cool. I also found out this week that he consecrated his life (sold everything he owned, not quite sure on all the details) to the church before he came here to serve as mission president, which is pretty cool as well. I really do like my mission president and I hope to keep learning form him.

So this week went fairly well for investigators. We were finally able to get a baptismal date out of Val which is really good, also Raimunda came to church this week and we hope to get a date out of her this week as well. However we did lose Jesé (the one who left church after being there for 10 min) he just simply disappeared and no one knows where he is which is kinda sad.

But I guess the big news this week is I am getting transferred this week, which is not normal since I have only been here for one transfer and am still in training. I think it is cause my companion snores really loud thus preventing me form getting any sleep, although I bought ear plugs but I still wake up during the night and I usually wake up about an hour before the alarm goes off and can’t go back to sleep, I have been really tired the past few days. But I am sad to be leaving Piedade. I am finally talking to the members and getting to know them and form friendships and getting to know investigators. I am kinda sad cause if Val does get baptized I wont be there for it, as well as for Raimunda. It is just frustrating cause I was also getting to know my companion a little better as well now that I can speak better Portuguese. I don’t know. It is complicated, but I hope I am able to sleep in my new area. I really need my sleep.

But I hope you all have a good week this week. I will be sure to take pictures of my new area for y’all and tell y’all all that is going on. Thank you all for your support! I love you all and will keep you well notified!

Here are some of the party and the view form the house. The little girl is a members’ daughter and we were talking to them on the street and she tried giving a popsicle to a boy riding his bike in a parking lot, which was kinda funny, sadly I couldn’t get a picture of it. But there are some of my shower and my washing machine and some grass a member gave me that I am supposed to make a tea out of to help me sleep.

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