Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Wooden Jungle to the Concrete Jungle

So before I forget what all my pictures are I am going to write what they all are first and then tell y’all about my week and what not if I leave out any details. I am also going to send the pictures of my house (yes I am in a house now) in another email.

So the first few are just some of me and some people in my zone the day before transfers at a zone meeting.

The Americans were the Americans in my zone, and the Brazilians are the old ZL and new ZL.

Next is me at the mission office for transfers, the one with my old companion and the other Elder is Elder Tatafu who served in Piedade before me with Elder Oliveria.

The next is me and my new comp. His name is Elder Campos and he is.... nice. He is a good Elder who knows a lot about the gospel and is not afraid to talk about the gospel. He really loves reading and studying the gospel. He is also studying English but right now is not very good at it; I am going to try and help him.

The next is of the mission office.

The next set of pictures are of my area. The first is of a power line pole which is in a developing area. Basically people build a house and they want electricity so they just string up a wire to the pole so there is like a million wires going into this one pole. It was pretty cool. The next is on our way to a members’ house in this clearing that was all red clay looking at my area. I know it doesn’t look like there are streets in the buildings but there are. A cool thing about where I live is on windy days the kids love to fly kites, so all over the city on the top of houses and in parks like this there are kids flying kites all over the place and the sky is filled with hundreds of these kites. Also a thing about their houses, they are basically built on top of each other. Oftentimes a family will go in and buy a house together and the children will add more on top later so often times the houses are three stories tall and in the nicer areas where there is space they will have kind of a court yard with a covering over it and the houses of the children and parents built on top of each other. Sorry it is really hard to describe.

The next set is of what I did today for P day. Today me and my comp went to the center of the city I am working in (the city is Osasco and my area is called Garden Veloso) we went to buy my comp shoes and just walk around. It is really cool there, also there is a Wal-mart and Sams club and Mc Donalds, so its basically like a little slice of America. But we also went into a few malls and they are basically the same as well. We also went to a street market thing but there was nothing that exciting there. So Osasco is called the hot dog city of Brazil. And the final picture is what they handed me when I ordered a hot dog... It had corn salad, mashed potatos, Katchup, Mustard, and other stuff and of course a hot dog.

But all is good. I am getting used to the area and the members. It is a little hard changing areas right after you start getting to know the members and your comp, but all is well. There are a lot more people here which is good, we have one investigator who is planning on being baptized soon which is cool cause his son is a member and it is awesome to get to see a family grow closer through the gospel, especially knowing that in a year he will be able to be sealed to his family for time and all eternity. This is something I know I am very thankful for in my life. But other than that we don’t really have another investigator so we have been making a lot of contacts and knocking on a lot of doors. I know that as I keep working the Lord will bless my life and help me through these hard times and adjustment period.

Sorry I am not really able to write you all individually, I wish I had the time but p day really is more of p hours and I got a comp that doesn’t like being on the internet, but he is really patient, also I am charged by the hour here for how long I am on the internet. But everything is going well. Thanks for the prayers and the support. I love you all!!!

Elder Shelton.

So here are some pics of my house. The funny thing it is literally right next to the Bishops’ house, we are actually in the same gate. The green house beyond mine is the Bishops’ house. Sorry these pictures aren’t the best, but I got a room, a bathroom, and a study with a couch that like all couches here are not very comfy and a kitchen with a REAL WASHING MACHINE!!!!! It is pretty much the best thing ever. But the next picture is of an over look of the rest of Osasco and a mountain called Jaguar peak that over looks Osasco and Sao Paulo. It is pretty cool.

So I failed to mention in my last email that Osasco is right next to Sao Paulo city and if you were to look at it from the air they would look the same. It is like being in Tucker, Georgia, you basically are in Atlanta but technically no, anyways I am pretty close to Sao Paulo. And every morning at 6 there is literally a helicopter that passes over the house constantly for an hour because people take their helicopters to work here, if you got one.

Anyways enjoy the pics. Love you all!!!

I nearly forgot the t-shirt of the week!

This week a little boy who is a member was wearing it. It said:

(Keep in the Route)

The picture on the shirt was an African safari type picture of either an alligator eating a lizard or a lizard crawling into an alligator’s mouth, I couldn’t tell cause the lizard wasn’t really in the mouth but near it. Needless to say it made no sense. I’ll try and find another good one to send next week!! Love ya!

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