Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A NON Exciting Week

So this week was pretty uneventful to be honest. Basically we just knocked a lot of doors and taught a few lessons. We had one really good lesson though with a woman named Janete and her family of two boys and one girl. We first taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was definintely there. We left her a conviction to read a pamphlet about the restoration. We visited her the next day and she said she read the pamphlet and believes what is in the pamphlet. So we then taught her the Restoration. It went well and she seemed to believe what we were teaching, we left her with the conviction to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She did express however that that this might be a little hard since she is a devoted Catholic, but I know as she honestly tries to read and pray about the Book of Mormon an answer will come and she will know it is true. It is just a little frustrating when you know someone believes in what you teach but they have fear to change. Anyways I am praying for her, I am a little scared though cause it will be a week since we last met with her the next time we can meet with her. But, all is good. I have faith.
Another exciting thing is my zone got to have a meeting with our president. He mostly talked on how we can improve our missionary work and how the spirit will work with us and how when we make a street contact that we need to imagine the Savior with us cause he is literally there with us when we do. He also talked about when the Manous temple is dedicated this coming Sunday (Manous is in the Amazon, the temple has a dock which is pretty sweet) that the veil will literally be opened over Brazil and our proselytizing power will be so much stronger and people will be able to feel the spirit even stronger that day. Needless to say I am pretty excited for Sunday.

Now finally for the most exciting but horrible thing that happened this week. So we had Stake Conference, which was a broadcast from Salt Lake, which included the Prophet and the Young Womens President. The problem was they can’t speak Portuguese, and our stake failed to get the connection with broadcast, which was being sent from the translators for the Prophet and Young Womens President. So when it was their turn to speak it was all in English. An elder got up and tried to translating but did not do a very good job, the stake president tried as well and did alright, but it wasn’t as good as having a professional translator. Needless to say it was not a pleasant experience for everyone. One set of elders brought an investigator who ended up leaving because of it, however when he got to his car another car parked in front of him so he coudln’t leave. The whole experience was not very good. At least I understood what they said. Anyways that’s about it for this week. I took some pics of where I buy groceries and my shoe that grew mold, I know it is not a lot but I didn’t see anything exciting. Sorry.

I love you all so much
Elder Shelton

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