Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Week was More Exciting

So this week was a little more exciting than last. For starters it seriously rained every day last week instead of Sunday which we were thankful for cause we put in a full day of knocking doors, which sadly turned to nothing and all of our compromises fell through but it was still a good day cause of the temple dedication. Anyways the first picture is of me trying to warm up my hands cause it was also really cold this past week and there is no hot water in our house except for the shower.

But this week we focused on contacting old investigators, one thing about my area is that people kept awful records for their investigators so I am trying to get it all cleaned up and more organized. Anyways we encountered a family this week at an old investigators house and they agreed to hear a lesson on Saturday. So we went there and taught them about the Restoration and it went very well. The spirit was definitely there and they all agreed to read the Book of Mormon and go to church this next Sunday (we didn’t have Sacrament Meeting this week cause of the temple dedication). So we are really excited for this family. Also the sister of the mom was there cause she goes there to be taught English every Saturday; so she really enjoyed having me there to talk and practice with. We taught her too but were unable to give her a Book of Mormon cause we only had one, and she actually was sad and asked where the one for her was. Needless to say she is excited to hear more as well and we are excited to teach her. So this Saturday we have my first baptism for a man called Simplicies. He had a date for baptism marked when I got there so I didn’t really do much to get the date but I still taught him a few lessons. Anyways I am excited for that as well.

But the big thing that happened this week was of course the dedication of the temple in Manaus. This temple truly is a major blessing in the lives of the people there. Before yesterday the members there had to travel 8 days to go to the nearest temple (by boat and bus, there are only two ways into Manaus, boat and plane) so now they have one much closer and are able to perform celestial marriage which is the most important thing we can do in this life. President Uchtdorf dedicated the temple. It was a very spiritual thing and I was so glad to be a part of it. I carried the spirit I had that day throughout the rest of my day and it felt nice.

Anyways all things are going good, it is so humid here my cloths honestly won’t dry all the way but all is good. I’ll keep y’all updated on the family we are teaching. We are both really hoping we can get a baptism!! Love you all so much! Oh and the pictures of the market were from Sunday. Every Sunday they have a street market by our house and I took some pictures on the walk from the bus stop coming back from the dedication. They had TONS of fruit but sadly I couldn’t buy any.

Love you all!
Elder Shelton

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