Wednesday, July 11, 2012

April 30, 2012

Here are more pictures of me and the MTC and my apartment and Piedade and new companion. The one in the room in the MTC is with a guy I played soccer with at high school in Utah, pretty cool. But my apartment is all right. The bathroom is really small and the heater for the water is a small electrical one and you have to keep the water pressure really low or it doesn’t get very warm. The kitchen is enough cause like we really have time to cook anything anyways. The washing room is another story. We do have a washer but it is basically a tub you fill up your self and then a small agitator on the side that kind of slops everything around. Needless to say our cloths don’t get that much cleaner. And after you’re done you gotta wring them out and hang them up. But doing laundry is fun cause it’s something different. The study room is right above the main street which is kind of annoying cause everyone drives old slug bugs and hatch backs and hippie vans which are all loud. Also everyone likes to listen to their Brazilian country and what not really loud. Oh and Brazilians managed to make the most annoying thing in the world. They are cars with speakers on top that drive around the city center and blast the same advertizing over and over and over. All in all, I don’t like hearing these very much.

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