Wednesday, July 11, 2012

May 14, 2012 This Week

Thanks so much for being there to talk to me yesterday everyone!!! It was really nice getting to see everybody. Sorry if it wasn’t for very long and I am sorry I couldn’t spend more time with everyone. I do feel bad. But if it is any consolation the appointment we had last night went very well and we plan on teaching that family more. They are really friendly and really cool and we hope to see them at church on Sunday. Hopefully they don’t run away as well. Well I don’t have a lot to say because I talked to y’all yesterday. I did write down a few things I failed to talk about though. So soccer as I am sure you all know is really big here in Brazil. So every time there is a soccer game on the whole town basically stops to watch the soccer game. Every TV has it on in all the stores and in all the homes. Also when a team scores everyone loves to shoot of fireworks. So we can be walking and suddenly we will hear tons of bangs all over the place from all over the valley. That is how we know some one scored. Also yesterday was the final of the big tournament here in Brazil, there was a lot of fireworks that day needless to say.

The next thing is on Saturday we had a meal planned with a member for lunch. We called and called but she never answered, so since she lived far away to where we would have to take a bus we figured we would just buy lunch. So we bought lunch and as soon as we had finished she called us wondering where we were. So we got on the bus and went even though we were not really hungry, but it is good we went cause she made a pretty good meal and I know she put a lot of time into it. I was able to eat quite a bit but I was still really full. The pictures of me in the sweater are outside her gate to her house; those lumps on my chest are my plack and missionary manual and what not.

The other pictures are of me at the farm we ate at earlier this week. I got to pick some oranges and eat them and they were really cool. The house was up on a hill too so you can see all over the valleys and what not. It was really pretty. The next picture is of a fruit called maracuçá, which, is supposed to help you, sleep. You just cut open the top and eat the inside with a spoon. It is really sour and has the consistency of snot but it is pretty good nonetheless.

The next is of my oven and a view form the apartment window on the main street, which, is really loud. The oven is only hooked up to that gas tank and when it runs out we call the gas people and a guy on a motorcycle brings us more gas, pretty cool not gonna lie. The final picture is of basically the only lunchmeat they have in Brazil. It is called mortadela and is basically bologna and those white specks are fat, so its not very healthy but it does not taste too bad.

Anyways I ain’t got much more to say. Thanks a ton for all the conversations yesterday! It helped a lot seeing all y’all and I cannot wait to see y’all at Christmas, hopefully the computer then wont crash 3 times before. Anyways I love you all!!

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