Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 2, 2012 This Week

Thanks Allyson for the pictures you sent me!! Way to go and miss home for a little bit. But it was great getting to see the kids!!!

So this week the big thing that happened is that we are going to be receiving a new chapel next week. So this Sunday was the last day we met in the old Church. I am excited to receive the new chapel cause it is a LOT nicer than the old chapel we have been using, also since it is not in our area our area will grow a little more and include areas around the church that have never had their doors knocked because the church is so far away for them in the old area. The problem is that it will make one area almost impossible to work in because it is so far away from there so it is hard to bring people to church thus we cannot baptize them. But I tried to take some quick pics of the new chapel but the USB ports in the computer I am using are not working. If I have time today I will try and send them to y’all.

But we have another baptism lined up for the 14th of this month for a young man whose family had been baptized but he never was due to some past transgressions and he just wasn’t interested. However he has now turned his life around and he is really excited to receive our messages and be baptized. So we are really excited for him! His name is Wanderson, yes a little strange but oh well!!! But other than that we have just been working hard in the area that is far away from the new church. For some reason my comp really wants to work there. They have enough members there for a church building so really I don’t want to focus our work there at all cause it is so far away. But other than that nothing too exciting has been going on. We taught two gay men..... That was interesting. My comp didn’t realize that they were gay the first visit so he marked another date to return with them. But as long as they are progressing and meeting our compromises we need to return... But all is good. Thanks for the emails and the support!! I love you all and all y’all are doing for me!!

With Love,
Elder Shelton

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