Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 9, 2012 Hello My Family!!! That I love‏

So I finally got my computer to allow me to send pictures so here are some for y’all that I have taken over the past few weeks. The first is proof that I peeled an orange in one solid peel, legit I know. But the other first few are of a churrasco we had at the bishops’ house with his family, which was really fun. The next few are of my soap sculptures I made, I made a boat and a centaur, with no arms. The next few are just of the new church building we are getting!!! There is a picture of our old church, which was not a real chapel; it is just the plain looking building. But there are also some more pictures of our zone at the district meeting before transfer days. The two Brazilians are Elder Pauferro and Elder J. Carmargo. They are both really cool. But also I took a picture with all the gringos in our zone. I will send more pics in another email.

But I have a firm testimony that Heavenly Father answers prayers... By comp getting transferred. Just kidding he was a good companion just a little difficult at times. So my new comp is named elder Caldas, he is Brazilian, which is fine cause I can just about have a full on conversation in Portuguese. Its really is cool to see where I have come from to now and know that I am basically bilingual!!! But my new comp likes playing soccer, which is good. Today we played for p day, which was fun. But also he is cool, a little quite at times but all is good. He is a really good missionary with a lot of drive. He is fairly new in the mission as well. He only has 8 months and I only have 4 and this is both our second area so we are both kind of new but we both got lots of faith and I know that through the Lord all things are possible. We don’t need to be older missionaries to be good missionaries.

But the also the big thing that happened this week is that we had the open house for our new church. There wasn’t as many people as we wanted but it was still really cool talking to the people we did talk to about the church. There were a lot of kids that kept coming back that live in kind of a favela close to the church, but it was really cool cause they said they just wanted to stay there cause it was so peaceful and I know that it was the spirit that they were feeling. But all is good. Me and my comp are really trying to change the way we work, cause when I was with Campos, all we did was knock on doors which is the most inefficient way to work. SO Elder Caldas and me are really going to try to focus on gaining the trust of the members that was lost from past missionaries and really work on working with members. This really is the way we should be working, because we can truly knock doors all day and only teach one person one day and then have nothing else happen, and that is really all that happened last transfer. But that’s about it for now! I love you all and keep up the support! I love you all!! Let me know how Hollis and Rebecca’s baby is doing. I hope all is well!

With love

Elder Shelton

Here are the rest of the pictures. The one with me and another missionary with short hair in front of the sacramental hall is my companion.

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