Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Family

So I am glad to hear that Hollis and Rebecca had their baby all right. I was starting to worry something went wrong because I haven’t heard anything about it for so long, but all is good now. So I was going to share a scripture with all you if I again didn’t get any emails from y’all again this week. The reference is Alma 60:6. Y’all can look it up if y’all want.

So this week was pretty good. We had to make a lot of divisions with me and my comp, which was annoying cause he had to go to different areas to do baptismal interviews, but it is good knowing baptisms are happening in out district. Also as y’all know we had a baptism this past week, which we were both really happy about. Although we were a little worried it wasn’t going to happen cause it was supposed to take place at 4 on Saturday but he didn’t show up till 6. But all went well and the baptism was really spiritual. This week my comp and me were also able to mark two more dates for baptism the 5th of August, which we are really excited for because it is the son of the man we baptized last month. He is the last member of the family that needs to be baptized and we are also planning on baptizing his girlfriend as well, which means they will also have to get married before because they are living together. SO it would be really cool if we can make a family more united as well as help start another. So we are really excited. But also in the past week the work here really has improved a lot as well as my happiness being here on a mission, and honestly it has a lot to do with the change of companion. I have a lot more desire to work and the members trust in us is growing as well which is good. We have received more references this week than we have in the past six I was with Campos. But we are excited and the baptisms really should start rolling in as we work with more wisdom and with the spirit and help of the Lord.

But the pictures this week are pretty good. I took some of the baptism as well as of the new church building. But the one of me and the street sign is my favorite. The word Sarcerdote means priest and I feel like I really don’t need to explain what the next word is. Anyways I am glad to hear you all are doing good and having fun this summer! Send me some of the warmth cause it is cold here and we don’t have a heater in our house! I love you all and I hope you all have a good week this week. Also the first pic is inside Wal-Mart. Oh and one in the favela.

With love,

Elder Shelton

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