Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Week

So I have a lot of pictures but the computer I am using is really lame and likes to freeze on me. So I do not have a lot of time to talk today. But this week went all right. My companion has not been feeling really well the past few days so we have to had slow down the work and let him rest and get better. But the main highlight of this week was when Elder Costa of the 70 came and held a conference with us on Thursday. He talked on how we can improve the work in our areas and the importance of obedience in missionary work. We really are doing the Lords work and we need His help at all times. Obedience is a way we are able to obtain power to do the work. Through our obedience our Heavenly Father can bless us and give us power from on high to perform miracles. Another thing he talked about was the importance of desire. Everything we do starts with a desire, and when we have a true desire to accomplish something we are willing to do all we can to accomplish this thing, and often times what we desire does end up happening as long as we put in the work. The same goes for missionary work. If we have a true desire to baptize a family a week we will do all that is necessary. We will talk with everyone and give honest prayers every night asking for help and asking to help our investigators. He also talked about how we can encounter new investigators and gave some good tips on how we can receive more lessons a week. I learned a lot from the conference although it was really long and the seats were really hard. But it was really good and spiritual.

Everything with me is going well. The language is continuing to improve (I can just about read anything and understand it including scriptures. Also, I can have a conversation and understand most of it as well). It is just really cool to think that I am starting to be bilingual and the Portuguese language will help me understand Spanish and Italian as well. Anyways I do not have much time today cause we got plans for out p day. We are going to play soccer with some other elders we share out church building with. Anyways I love you all and I hope you have a good week!!! Don’t worry Allyson your life does sound pretty exciting. Also thanks for the pics of the baby. It was nice to see him! I hope all is going well back at home! I love you all!!

Elder Shelton

Here are some pics. I found a computer that was working. The first few are of the São Paulo soccer stadium, which was really cool to go into and look around. It is free just to walk in and walk around the field in the stands, which is cool. The next few are of the metro in Sâo Paulo, which is REALLY packed. Basically you don’t have to hold onto the rails cause you literally cannot move anywhere there are so many people. But it is still really cool. But again I love you all and I hope you all have a good week this week!!! Have fun in South Carolina without me! I really wish I could be there but I know this is where I need to be now. I am doing the Lords work and helping bring His children back to Him. You all are a great family and a great support!

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