Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello My Family!

So this week was an all right week this week. I am sorry to hear Rebecca had to have a c-section. That really stinks. I will be sure to pray for her lots this week!!! But this week was like I said all right. Our problem is we marked 4 dates for baptism but all of them fell through. One of which I was really excited for because they are the only members in their family that are not members and we are hoping to get them baptized so that the whole family can be together forever. Their names are Similvale and Andrea. Well, really Simivale is the only member of the family but Andrea is his girlfriend and hopefully about to be wife. The other two dates were with a family we encountered trying to look for a reference that we received, which we never found. The problem with them is they are not keeping the convictions we made with them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and go to church. It is kind of frustrating not having an investigator that is really showing interest in trying to see if this church really is true.

However this week was the service project that the church sponsors: Helping Hands. It was on Saturday and it was really good cause there was a lot of non-members that went that we were able to receive their addresses so that we can go to their house. The service project was teaching people about basic food storage and how to preserve rice and beans. We also filled up a lot of bottles of rice and beans to give to the community and people in need, but everyone got to take home a bottle of their own if they desired. I think this is why there were a lot of non-members. After all who wouldn’t want a free bottle of rice and beans. But it was still good to get a lot of references from this. Also we had one lady come to church the next day, which was great!! So we are really excited about teaching her. I will attach some pictures of the event to this email for y’all to see.

The other picture is of me at the church trying to fly a kite of pipa in Portuguese. Now don’t go thinking these kites are things for kids cause there are forty-year-old men that fly these things and have MILES of line for one kite.

Oh so on Tuesday was basically the most I walked in one day. We did two divisions so that my companion could do two baptismal interviews. Basically we did nothing but walk all day. It was a really, really long day....

But I hope all of y’all have a good week this week! I love you all!! Also next week we are going to the temple with our mission pres and so my p day wont be until Tuesday. So don’t worry cause you didn’t get an email from me till Tuesday. I love you all and I hope all y’all have good weeks!!!!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

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