Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Week

So this week went all right. I do not have a lot of time to talk right now because we went to the temple today and afterwards we went into the center. I will send pictures next week due to the time shortage. But this week we were still having a lot of problems encountering people in house even if we marked with them. We walked a lot and my legs are DEAD!!!! But all is well. We had a bit of a miracle this week. It was really cool. So on Sunday an old investigator called us and said that he wanted us to come back and have us teach him. He said he has repented and was crying over the phone and when we met him yesterday. It was really spiritual and really cool. The temple was nice today. It was nice to just be in a place that is quiet for once. Being in São Paulo means that you are constantly surrounded by noise with cars or people or buses. Everyone here blasts funk, which basically sounds like a train wreck in a china shop, its pretty bad... But it was nice to just sit and ponder for a little bit in the house of the Lord. The temple really is the place where we can be closer to God than any other place. The spirit I feel there is always intense and peaceful. I wish we could go more often, but I am glad that I just still get the chance to go.

But the other biggest thing that happened this week is that we had our interviews with our president. It went really well and he didn’t burn us too bad. One thing I did learn in our interview is this. There does not exist improving yourself in living the commandments. You either live them or you do not, you can’t go from not paying tithing to paying 5% and saying your now paying tithing, cause your not. It was a really insightful conversation and something that I really did take to heart as I am serving my mission. Another thing he talked about is how the Book of Mormon was written for the conversion of Jews and Gentiles; that Jesus is the Christ. The Bible and all other scriptures were not written for this purpose, therefore it is detrimental that we study the Book of Mormon and try and live what it teaches. If we really want to have missionary experiences we need to study the Book of Mormon. But I am running out of time, now I am doing fine although I have tendonitis in my knees and tendon in my heel. All is well and I am growing closer to the Lord every day. Thank you for all the support and I hope that you all have great weeks. Please I would like more emails from y’all to know how y’all are doing!!!

With Love,

Elder Shelton

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