Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Start of a New Transfer

So I ended up staying in my area, sorry I don’t know if I will be transferred till the night of p-day two days before transfer day, kinda lame, but all well. I also stayed with my same companion, which I am happy with. I didn’t want another hard comp. But about my knees. So it is not my shoes and I don’t need to change them, but I went to the doctor and he said he thinks it is just stress which is causing me to have this problem.... The problem is a mission is nothing but stress, which never stops. But all is well. I talked to the doctor of the mission and he gave me some knee exercises to try and told me I should try and cut down on the walking and seeing if that will help.

But this week was a very difficult week. I have been constantly tired and just not sleeping the best at night again. Some of our investigators that we thought for sure would be baptisms are not completing their promises they made to read and go to church and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. It is just really frustrating cause we are also having problems meeting with them at home cause they all always seem to have something else to do. Also I have been kinda thinking of home quite a bit this week, which is never good. I miss you all, but Satan does not want me to think about our investigators, which I really need to do if I am going to receive the revelation we need to teach them the way they need to be taught. But all is going well. Things really could be worse. I am just trying to really learn to rely on our Heavenly Father. He really is the only one that can help me through these hard times I am having. But thanks for the emails and for the support. Thank you for all y’all do for me! I am coming up on my 6 month mark in two weeks. How exciting! Crazy that conference is in less than a month and a half. It feels like last conference was last month. But I hope you all have a good week. I love you all and am praying for you all!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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