Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Week

So this week was another pretty long week. My knees are continuing to hurt but all I am getting from my mission pres and his wife is work smarter and walk less and my knees will get better... I have faith though, and I will continue to give it my all. I am doing the Lords work and all I can do is continue pursuing on with faith. Thanks again for all the emails you all sent me. They were all really nice to get and read how you all are doing. This week we encountered a lot of new investigators, but yet again no one went to church. It is really frustrating cause we can’t baptize if they don’t go to church. We did have a family marked for baptism for this Saturday, but they didn’t go to church so their date fell through. But all is well. We encountered this young man this week though that reads the Bible every day and believes greatly in the Bible but does not have a religion. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he seemed really interested and said he would read it every day as well. He asked a bunch of questions especially pertaining to the Plan of Salvation so tomorrow we are going to go and teach him about the Plan of Salvation and answer all his questions and try and get him baptized. We also had a Bible bash this week. It was kinda lame cause it was with an investigator that had a date for baptism marked, but his friend was there who did a course in theology and all his friend wanted to do was try and disprove us. No one ended up winning of course (although we really did) and now we are a little worried that this friend will talk to our investigator about our church and how it is of the Devil. So I hope he continues believing the Book of Mormon is true and his friend doesn’t fill his head with lies. But lets see how that goes. But other than that it was a kinda uneventful week. I don’t even really have any pictures to send to y’all cause I have been in this area for so long and I have taken pictures of everything cool. Sorry. I wish I could send more but nothing much has been happening. Well, know that I love you all so so so much and that each one of you are in my prayers always. Thanks for the support and all the love! I hope this next week will be a little bit more eventful.

With Love,

Elder Shelton

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