Thursday, September 13, 2012

One More Week Down

So to those that do not remember what my mailing address is here it is.

Rua: Dr. Rui Batista Pereira, 165
Jd. Caxingui, São Paulo, SP 05517-080

Now that that is out of the way time to tell you about my week. So my knees have still been given me problems but my mission pres advised me just to keep working and doing the things which the doctor told me to do and through my faith they will be healed. So that is what I have been doing this week, working and trying to get these two big families we are working with baptized. We are really excited for them, but the main problem is that they are not going to church. One has a mother that is sick and they can’t go because they need to stay home to take care of their mom, which I understand. The other is just lazy. We are taking them to the chapel this week to try and see if that will help them feel interested in going to church this Sunday a little more. But other than that nothing new really happened. We just worked a lot and taught a lot. Although this week I did find some things to take pictures of. So the first one is of a plate of food I ate, well tried too. So we went to the mall and we ate at a Chinese restaurant, it was R$18 for all you can eat but you only got one pass through the line once.... So I piled up as high as I could cause R$18 is quite a bit of money to spend on one meal and I wanted to get my moneys worth. The other is just a picture of a favela in our area, we now call our area Alphavella, its funny cause there is a city in São Paulo close by called Alphaville that is where all the rich people live. Anyways, the next one is of my new addiction, they are snacks called Salgados and there is a store, which sells them for R$.70 ($0.40) and they come in a ton of different varieties and are pretty good. The only problem is they are no substitute for real food. But the next is of me at a Telifonica, which is basically the Brazilian phone booth. But those are my pictures for y’all this week. I will try and get some better ones for y’all this week of me at the zone conference in the city center of São Paulo. Thanks again for all the love and support you all have given me so far. Oh, I forgot one thing that always happens to me. So everyone here learns English in school, but really no one is really good at speaking it, so at least once a week someone always comes up and tries talking to me in English (mostly asking what is my name and where I from) well this week one guy took it to the next level. We were walking down a street, which was a pretty busy street in the center of Osasco. This guy stops his car in the middle of the road and calls out to me what my name is, I yell back its Elder Shelton and keep walking, however he remained stopped in the middle of the road stopping traffic and continued calling out to me asking what my name is. I eventually went up to his car and talked to him and he asked those two questions and I tried making a contact with him (I was speaking all in Portuguese) but he kept still trying to talk to me in English. Eventually I just told him I had to go and left him with a huge line of cars behind him and people honking, really, really awkward but funny. Anyways that’s probably the most exciting thing to happen this week. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week this week. Until next week!

With Love,

Elder Shelton

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