Monday, October 22, 2012

Another kinda Unexciting Week.

So this week was yet another kinda unexciting week. Although it did go by really fast. It feels like yesterday I was emailing y’all. But sadly I don’t really have any new photos to send today. But this week we continued trying to help our investigators progress. The main problem here is distance and people having the desire to follow and at least try what we teach. The thing with Brazil is anyone can open a church in just about in any place so there are like two churches on every street and people find it hard to want to change churches especially when they feel so much better at the church they frequent. Also due to the immense size of our area the number of people we can visit in a day is greatly limited. We have to take the bus just about anywhere we go so we waste a lot of time traveling and just waiting for the bus. It is also hard when we have lunch at a members’ house that is in the other direction from where we want to work that day. But all is going all right. We are trying to work more in specific areas and only do contacts there cause if we do contacts in the city center we run the chance of talking to people that live like forever away and would waste all day just getting there. But other than that everything is going all right. We have a zone conference coming up this week so I am excited for that. Last night there was a really big thunderstorm that happened and it was neat to just sit on our balcony at our apartment and watch it happen. One thing that was exciting this week was we did meet several people who don’t frequent a church but said they are searching for the truth. We taught them both on Saturday. One of them is the grandson of a member and he is a good listener and does what we ask. However the problem with him is he lives with his parents who are not members and despite being 21 he asks them what he should do with everything. We talked to him about baptism and he said he would have to talk to his parents. We also invited him to church and he said he would go but he didn’t end up going, and we think it is because of his parents telling him he shouldn’t. The other guy we met doing a contact. He is pretty good, but the problem is that he strongly believes that Jesus and God and the Holy Ghost are one person and he didn’t seem too excited when we told him the first vision and how Joseph Smith saw The Father and The Son. But he did say he would read the Book of Mormon and ask for an answer. Another problem we have with him is he works Sunday mornings thus making going to church hard. But that is about it. I walked a bunch this week and rode the bus a lot. But thanks for all of y’alls support and love. It does mean a lot to me! I hope you all have a good week this week! I love you all!


Elder Shelton

One thing I failed to mention is that yesterday we started daylight savings time. We jumped forward one hour so now the times are different as followed. Three hours different from those living in the east. and 5 hours different from those living in Utah.

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