Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Much Better Week

So this week was a pretty good one over all. We taught quite a few people and our teaching pool is continuing to grow, although sadly we are having quite a bit of problems getting people to go to church still, which is kind of annoying. But the work is progressing well here. This week though we did have some pretty exciting things happen. Mostly I will be explaining the pictures I am sending. But last Monday after we did our e mailing I went to the store where everything is R$ 1 (50 cents) and I bought 10 kilos of dirt and some watermelon and pepper seeds. We then went back home and I planted just some watermelon seeds in a bucket (I didn’t have enough dirt to also plant the peppers). We may not be able to have pets but I don’t see anywhere that says we cannot have plants! Yesterday I noticed that my plant had began to germinate. So hopefully in 85 days I should have some watermelons! Anyways the next cool thing is that the best pizza restaurant in Brazil is close to our house, so on Thursday we went to get some pizza. I will admit it probably was the best pizza I ever ate, although it was kind of expensive. But the pizzeria is called Port´ Alba in São Roque. It was voted best pizza in Brazil, and then the owner (who makes all the pizzas) got to go to Italy for the world Championship as a representative from Brazil. Pretty cool. But you would never think that it was the best pizza place just looking at it from the outside cause it is really, really small and has nothing special out front. But still it was really good. The next cool thing that happened this week is that I got to play with monkeys! So we taught that woman whose son is serving in Manaus. The lesson went all right although she is still pretty firm with not really wanting to follow just about anything. But after the lesson we went outside and there were some small monkeys in the trees next to her house. So we grabbed some bread and got to feed them. It was pretty sweet!

But other than that it was kind of work like always. Talking to people on the street and teaching lessons and walking a ton. Luckily the weather was a lot cooler and cloudy this week and did not rain which was nice. Last week they had record-breaking heat and it was not very fun at all. But all is going well with me. Oh and to explain the cockroach photo. So in our bathroom we have a gap between the floor and the doorframe, and a hole at the bottom of the doorframe. One night I saw a cockroach poking his antenna out and so I bought some roach killer and sprayed it down the hole. Next 11 cockroaches came spewing out and eventually died. It was pretty gross but nice to know that I killed quite a few and hopefully our house doesn’t have anymore. But anyways I love you all. Hope you all have a good week this week! Thanks for all the support!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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  1. Hey Will this is Michael, sorry i haven't written any letters. can i have your current mission address so i can send one.
    Michael Carpenter