Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Week

So I forgot to tell y’all that this past week was a transfer week, and my comp Elder Larsen ended up getting transferred. My new companion is called Elder C. Lima. He only has two more transfers left in the field until he goes home. I really hope I `kill` him cause I do want to stay in this area a lot longer. I don’t want to just stay here two transfers like what happened to my last comp. It is not fun moving from place to place. But this week was kind of good. It rained a lot and up until about Wednesday we didn’t do much cause Elder Larsen had to pack and what not Monday and Tuesday. But the day of transfer we did meet a very good family, which we are, both really excited for. We taught them the Restoration, which went really well. They paid good attention and made good questions. The dad even said that we were sent from God to teach them. It was really cool. It also is nice that the mom and dad are legally married (I hope) and they have a daughter that is in the age of baptism and two others that are younger. We are really exciting for them. The spirit was definitely strong as we were teaching. We also taught another family that we taught one at a time. But yesterday we were able to teach them all at once and the lesson went very well also. Only the father and mother are in baptismal age but that does not matter. They are a beautiful family and are really receptive and seem really excited about the church. We hope that we can baptize them soon. I am tired of working and getting nothing done. Although I am glad that I can say that the areas I have passed through have improved a lot. I just hope that things can really pick up. I would be kind of upset if I leave this area next transfer. I want to stay here longer for sure. Although due to the size of this area it is a pain to plan cause we have to plan our day so we don’t spend it all traveling. But we are doing are best to plan in the best way. I know the Lord is helping us with this. It is just a little complicated cause you cannot focus on all the investigators that we want so we gotta kinda pick and choose at times which is hard. But all will be right in the end. We just gotta keep on working.

But this week it rained a TON and this morning it was raining a lot. It has mostly stopped now. I just hope it keeps like this cause the clouds are nice to keep the sun off but working in the rain is not fun at all cause you get all wet and humid and all your stuff gets wet which isn’t fun either. So cloudy and cool is the best. But things over all have been going well. We made brownies this week which were pretty good and which I was pretty happy to eat. But thanks for all the pictures of home and for all the love and support that you all give to me in my time here in Brazil. I love you all so much and have you all in my prayers at all times.

With love,

Elder William Shelton

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