Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Really Hard, Long Week

So first off I just want to say thank you all for all of your birthday wishes and loves and what not! Thank you all so much for being the family that you are and the support I get from you all during my mission. So far my birthday has been all right. I got my hair cut and made some brownies for an FHE we are going to tonight. I am excited too now have a big ‘ole 2 in front of my age. Although a bit strange. Also remember that in about a month I will be able to call home. Remember that the hours our different now. It is 3 hours difference between here and SC and 5 between here and Utah. I am not sure what hours I will be able to call. I need to talk more with my comp about where we will be and what hours. I am still planning on doing Skype. Also it would be a lot easier if you were all in one place.... But I will keep you all posted on this.

Anyways as you all can see from the title that this past week was a kind of hard week. We have two families that are really interested and really good families. We planned on visiting them many times this week but every time fell through. We even marked with them but they either vacationed or work got in the way. Also we tried visiting many of our potential investigators but NONE of them were home or really interested and always had an excuse. Also a ton of other marked lessons fell through this week. It was really, really frustrating. However there was a spiritual moment that went with this. One night my comp and me were just wondering what is going wrong, cause we were doing everything we should like comp study and what not, but nothing was happening. We came to the realization that what the Lord asks of us will NEVER be the easiest thing to do. Satan is who tries to make us think that there are easy ways to follow the will of the Lord or do His work. However as we are promised in Ether 12 that it is only after a test of our faith that we receive blessings and miracles happen.

And that is what we hope happened this week. This Sunday we had two members bring two friends to church. We didn’t talk to one of them a lot but we had Gospel Principles with one who is a 19 year old. He seemed really excited and interested in the church and afterward said that he wants to come back to the church! We marked a visit with him this week and we are both really excited to be working with him. Also we found a new investigator through contacting a less active family. One of the sons who is now 23 was never baptized so we are working with him. He did not go to church cause he was helping his brother move, but we were able to get his family to come to church, which was great! So we are really excited for him as well! Hopefully sooner or later we will have a baptism!

But everything with my comp is going well. He is a really good comp. One thing about Elder Larsen (my last comp) is that he was pretty lazy (he didn’t like doing comp study and other things) but Elder C. Lima is a really good worker and wants to work, which is nice. So hopefully things will turn out better in the next few weeks! Sorry I do not have any pictures to send to you all today but I will send some next week of this FHE we are going to have tonight and maybe some others. Just this week we spent too much time and worried too much about trying to teach someone that pictures was at the back of my mind. But I hope the weather this week is like how it was last week. It was cloudy and cool all week, which was a big blessing. Although today is kind of hot... But anyways I love you all and hope you all have a good Thanksgiving week this week! I love you all and hope that all is well with y’all!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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