Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Semana Da Milagres!!!!

So this week really has been a good week. Despite being a little sad cause I didn’t get to be home for Thanksgiving it was a very good week. So I will start with Sunday. Not sure I already told y’all about the young man that went to church on Sunday because a member brought him. Anyways a member brought his friend from work to church Sunday two weeks ago. His name is Kauê and he really is an elate. He went to church and got a Gospel Principles book and a Book of Mormon. When we went to teach him on Wednesday he had already read 10 chapters in the Gospel Principles and had several questions for us. We then taught him the first lesson and he understood it fairly well. The next lesson we went back on Saturday and talked to him again. We read 3 Nephi 11 with him and marked a date for his baptism for the 8th. On our first visit he said that he had already been baptized and thought it was a sin to be baptized again. But when we went back on Saturday and asked if he would be baptized on the 8th he said, well if the church I was baptized in does not have the authority to baptize I will have to be baptized again. It really is such a blessing after working so hard. And another great thing, he ended up bringing a friend of his to church this last Sunday as well and she liked it also! It really was so cool to see that.

But on top of that we are encountering a lot of other really good investigators. A few weeks ago Elder Larsen and I made a contact with a mailman. We were not able to get his address cause he was in a hurry. But this week Elder Lima and me made a contact with a woman and were able to get her address and she said we could pass by one day. So we passed by on Saturday, and ends up that she was the wife of the mailman we made a contact with a few weeks ago! We taught them the first lesson and watched the 15 min video on the Restoration. The man liked it so much he asked if there was a more complete version of the movie (which there is, it is Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration). They were really receptive and we are really excited to be working more with them! Hopefully another baptism!

Another miracle was that one day we made a contact with a guy. We went to his house to try and visit him. Ends up he was not home, but right as we were about to leave a man came pulling up in a car and stopped and got out and talked to us. He said that he saw us from afar and came after us in the car. He said he felt like he needed to talk to us because he felt like we could help him. He said he was feeling lost and looking for the truth. We marked a day to teach him. But when we went to his house he was not there. So we tried that contact again where he first met us. Again right as we were about to leave he came pulling up in the car and said he was sorry he was not home (he had to work) but said that teaching at his home would be a little hard cause his mom is a member of the Congregação Crista do Brasil, basically a crazy church with a lot of ridiculous rules which I can explain when I call on Christmas. So we just ended up teaching him on the street and the lesson went really well. We marked the next lesson with him tomorrow in the church building and to teach with a member so we are excited for that.

Another miracle which we are seeing as well is that the ward is really starting to trust in us and they are all nuts about leaving with us and giving references to us. On Saturday we ate lunch at the house of the Elders quorum president. He said he talked to a woman at the supermarket that seemed to be having a really hard time. He talked to her about the church and expressed his testimony and invited her to church. Well on Sunday she ended up going to church. She could only stay for relief society. But there she expressed her testimony about what all happened on Saturday. So ends up that because the member (Paulo) shared about the church she calmed a lot, before he had talked to her she had been planning on killing her husband... but because he talked to her she went home and was able to have a restful day. I know this cause we had a woman from relief society give a talk and shared this with the whole church. When she said that it was like someone had been killed in front of the whole congregation. But we are planning on visiting this woman this week and helping her and her family.

Also the members were a lot more reverent this past Sunday, which was very, very nice cause reverence is awful here during sacrament meeting. It is really annoying bringing investigators to the chapel when no one is even listening, no one can feel the Spirit cause the Spirit is not there when there is no reverence.

But that was basically my week. It has been a really good week and I am excited for next week. Also I am excited for CHRISTMAS, which is only 4 weeks away!!!!!! I got my local fixed, so now we need to plan the hours which we will talk. It will be on Skype again, but I should have a lot more time to talk this time and the Internet should be good. So I was thinking that due to the time difference now it would be easier to talk first to the people in the east first (3hr. time difference) so that I do not interfere with your Christmas activities too much. But I was thinking of starting at about 4 or 5 here (1 or 2 east coast time) and then just staying on till I talked to everyone and what not. Let me know if there is anything y’all want to change about that or if there is a better time for y’all. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. You all will be in my prayers this week and I love you all so much!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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