Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Better Week

So this week was a much better one in comparison to the last. The weather was much cooler and it was cloudy which was really nice. Also it didn’t pour down rain either, which was great. But the streets were still pretty barren because still everyone is traveling while they have off work; here everyone takes off work for about a month. But I hope that you all had a good new year. I basically didn’t get any sleep Monday night cause it sounded like there was a war going on outside my apartment and made it kinda hard to sleep. The fireworks here have a lot more bang than they do at home. But the work here is over all improving. We finally had an investigator go to church, which is great cause this area has had several months where an investigator has gone to church. We were hoping for two more but they didn’t end up going which was kinda sad, especially since we taught them with members and had the members invite them and try and give them rides. Hopefully next week we can have even more in the church.

We were able to mark a baptismal date for one of these investigators as well which was really nice and we hope that we can get her to go to church next week so that the date doesn’t fall through. The one investigator that went to church is called Paulo. He is the boyfriend of a less active. It truly was a miracle what happened to him. So we taught him almost two weeks ago and were not able to meet with him again. He did not go to church last week and we were afraid he was running from us. We finally were able to meet with him again this week and we found out that in the time that we last taught him he has stopped smoking and drinking and is willing and wanting to be baptized. He really enjoyed going to church and the members did a lot to help him and his wife feel welcome which was great. Unfortunately he and his girlfriend are not married so he has to get married before we can baptize him, but he really wants to be baptized so hopefully we can get them married soon. We also have some other families that we finally got in contact with that are really, really good families. The only problem is about three are not legally married so we have to get them married before we can mark a baptismal date and what not. I have never taught so many good families at the same time and it is great. Before we were not teaching that many complete families but now things have really moved around. The members too are also beginning to help us in our work as well. They are more willing to go on divisions with us or go to teach lessons, which helps, but the best help that we really can get is in references. Some day hopefully we can get more and more from our members in that area. But as promised here are a lot more pictures of what has been going on here with me. I finally have the time to send them to y’all. I will send them in several e-mails so you can get them all. As y’all can see my new area is a far cry from what São Rouqe was. Thank you all for your e-mails and support. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week!!!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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