Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Pictures


So the first is of another view of the area with me in it. The next is a picture of the street during one of the torrential down pours we had. The next is a picture of me and Elder Dial eating some pizza bread a member made for us at his house. And the last was the microwave the mission bought us this week. Basically it was the greatest thing ever to finally get a microwave! It makes it so much easier to heat up rice and stuff when you gotta eat at home.

Here are some more. The first is of a family that I really liked in São Roque, yes I know it is dark but my camera does not have a flash, which is really annoying at times. But the others are some missionaries that were in my zone that I really liked. I am sure y’all will recognize the last one. He was the one that trained me and he was my zone leader when I went back. The interesting thing is that my zone when I was in São Roque was the same zone as when I was in Piedade my first area. The other elder is Elder Valzques, he is from Argentina and really cool.

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