Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Pretty Good Week


So this week was a pretty good one, despite it being another really hot one again. Also we had one day where it rained at about 3 and it rained so hard that is began hailing. Thankfully we weren’t out in it, which was nice. But this week we were able to teach quite a few lessons, which were great, and of course the best part was the baptism, which happened. I had the privilege to be the one that baptized Maria. Her husband is a less active member who has not been to church for some time. But this Sunday it made me so happy to see them both sit together as a family baptized in the church and taking the sacrament. In one year they will be able to go to the temple and they are planning now and preparing for that day already. Sadly I will no longer be in Brazil when this happens but I will be sure to stay in touch with them when I leave here, which could happen next week.

But I do have some pretty big news. So with the new age of missionaries leaving for missions and the huge number we have, the church has created many new missions in the world all over. Here in the state of Sao Paulo they are creating 4 new missions, one of which will cause a division with our missions. We are losing three stakes in our mission to help create the new mission Sao Paulo West (Sao Paulo the city is divided politically into four zones: north, west, south, and east. So now there is a mission in each of these zones.) Sadly the stakes we are loosing are the stakes that cover the city center, the CTM, and the temple. So our mission office will have to move. I am not sure if I will be transferred to this mission or one of the others which are being created (which is a possibility). I will not know until about the end of May. If I got to Sao Paulo West I will have a new mission president but my mailing address will stay the same, since the office we are using now will be in the area Sao Paulo West and will become their new office. But for now that is about all the information I have about the creation of new missions here in Sao Paulo. If y’all want more info look on the church news website. Also we had a member of the ward which I am serving in now be called as a mission president to one of these new missions being created (Curitiba South). I am not sure if they have his picture up yet on the church website but maybe they do. It is just weird cause I ate lunch at his house several times. But anyways that is the big news too that I have this week for y’all. Really the church is growing at a rapid rate and with the creation of these new missions it will allow missions to put two groups of missionaries in one area alone for the areas which are really, really needing it (like Sao Rouqe) due to their size.

So this week in Priest Quorum we talked about how we truly become converted to the gospel and how we become true disciples of Christ. The importance of giving service was brought up. Many times we think that service has to happen outside of the home, that it has to be building a roof or a house or painting something or improving something for someone else or for the public. Clearly we should do these things. But we must all remember the importance of giving service within our own home. If we don’t give service to our own family how can we be true disciples of Christ? After all, our family and our homes are where we will find most joy and protection from influences of the world if we create a home which offers this. And service is fundamental in a home which offers this. In the Family a Proclamation to the World it talks about this. Truly we need to look for all of our opportunities to serve those in our home. When we do this we will be happier and those we love will be happier too. I know we as a family are all separated and have basically our own families but we can all serve one anther in many ways if we truly look for it. Thank you so much for all the service y’all give me in writing and supporting me in my mission. It means a lot and it really does help and make me really happy reading your e-mails. I truly am learning the importance of service on my mission (after all a mission is a two year service project) and I want to do all I can to incorporate this more fully in my life. The scriptures often talk about service as being the greatest of all Christ like attributes and necessary for salvation. Our faith and hope in Christ would be for nothing if we did not have charity, especially charity in our own homes. (See Moroni 7 and Moses 4). I know that I have missed so many opportunities in my life to better serve y’all as a family due to me thinking that service has to be something for someone I don’t know or in desperate need, also due to my pride, however now I am doing all I can to better correct myself in this and do all I can to be more charitable in my life for all those around me, especially you all. After all, I gotta live forever with you all!

But that is what is happening here in Brazil. Here in a few weeks we will be having General Conference and after that only one more General Conference until I am back home. I am sure with all that is happening this year that this year will pass by super fast as well. But I love you all so, so much! I will be sending pictures of the baptism and whatnot in another e-mail like always! Love you all so much!

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