Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Difficult Week

So this week was kinda a long one and a difficult one at that as well. We had a lot of appointments fall through despite carefully planning our days. When our appointments did fall through we of course resorted to doing contacts but a large number of people did not care or show interest or when they did give their address we learned that it was a fake address, which is always annoying. But we continued on working despite the challenges. Thankfully we had a conference this week with Elder Mazzagardi of the 70. It was a very good conference and the Spirit was very, very strong. He talked mostly on the importance of sanctifying our lives for the Savior and truly what it means to repent and what the Lord expects of us. He talked on the law of chastity and how it is essential to exaltation and how we need to be pure of our sins in all forms. He talked on the importance on confessing our sins of the past, and how confession is showing that we are willing to pay the price of the sin, which we have, committed. This meeting truly made me think of how I can be a better missionary. How I can be a better man not just now but for my future wife and family. I am doing my best to sanctify my life right now and truly become a true disciple of Christ. Truly do all I can to become like Him now and perfect my life and become who He truly expects me to be. I hope that we all strive to do this. Exaltation is difficult but possible and we all need to do all we can to receive it and be prepared for when our time comes to meet with the Lord. All of this that Elder Mazzagardi shared had to do with how this life is our time to prepare to meet the Lord, and how we can truly be prepared when that time comes.

I am hoping this next week is a little better and thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. With this week being transfer week I have the chance of being transferred but I don’t think it will happen. Crazy that conference is only 4 weeks away and my phone call will shortly follow after. This year is already flying by and I know that I will be back before I know it. At least I have one more year to be a truly effective missionary (due to language and experience) and that I can do all I can to be the instrument in my Fathers hands that He wants me to be. I love you all and am praying for you all. I hope that you all have a great week this week! Sorry I have no pictures this week, nothing much interesting happened....

With love,

Elder William Shelton

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