Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Pretty Good Week


So this week was a pretty good one. We had a conference with our Mission president this week, which went really well. He gave us a few instructions to apply in our work to be more efficient missionaries, which was really good. The weather this week has been nice. There is always a breeze here and the past two days have been cloudy with off an on light rain, which has kept the weather rather cool which is nice.

But this was the first full week here in the new area and things are going really well. We made a contact with a woman in front of the church building and she allowed us to come and visit her. Her family has been looking for a church to frequent but her husband does not like a large part of the churches here cause he can see their flaws and how they don’t truly follow the Bible and how many churches evangelic only scream and talk about Satan. We taught them two times and they really enjoyed receiving us. We invited them to a ward activity this week and they went and even participated in the event, which was great especially since they don’t know any members. The next day they went to church and the father loved it so much. He said that it was exactly what he has been looking for these past years. We marked a baptismal date with them for the 30th. They have problems with the Word of Wisdom but I know that we can help them stop with their problems. I am so happy that we were able to find this family so fast. I am loving my new area which is a lot smaller than my last and the people are a lot more humble which helps a ton. But over all I am doing fine. We have several other people, which we are preparing for baptism as well which is nice for a change.

This next week I am going to be really focusing on love/charity as well as humility. Over the past year I have seen how I have improved in these attributes, but also how far I have to go in order to become more like Christ. I think of all the missed opportunities I had to share the gospel or talk to someone when I didn’t. I think of all my past sins and bad habits which I did not want to let go because of my pride. I have learned a lot about humility during my mission. Before I thought it was just not talk about all the cool things you got and not try and think you are better than someone else. Yes your attitude is central to humility and how you view others. But also your willingness to repent and leave your old habits is another. Recognizing that we need the Atonement of Christ everyday in our lives and being willing to do all we can to become more like Christ every day in our lives and use the Atonement to do so. I have learned that love and humility walk hand in hand. Being humble and having true love is being able to put our own interests aside for a while and try and help others realize theirs. It is being patient and letting others do what they want. Moroni 7:45 does a great job explaining what true love is. I hope that you all read it and ponder in the words, which are said and do all you can to develop this attribute, because without love we are nothing. If we have true love we can become like Christ in all aspects. All Christ-like attributes are included in love. So do your best to love everyone a little more every day. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week! I am doing fine and really enjoyed hearing from all of y’all! Until next week!

With love,

Elder Shelton

This is quia and bomba. It is used to drink a type of tea they drink in the south of Brazil called chi marrom. No, it is not against the Word of Wisdom.

Here are some pictures of my new house. It is two stories and has two bathrooms!!!

View from my house.

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