Wednesday, May 29, 2013



So this week we had a very good week here in Sao Domingos. The start of the week was kinda rough and on Wednesday we were having a really bad day. We didn’t enter one house the whole day and we walked a ton. However this day we did have a miracle happen. We decided to sit and rest for a little and while we were doing so there was a dog that was chasing behind someone barking at his heels. He looked at us and said "very ferocious", it wasn’t what’s your namey, so I figured he knew how to speak English. I called him over and we talked to him a little. Ends up he does speak English (and 4 other languages) and also we found out he was a member who hadn’t been to church for 20 years. He was baptized in a different ward so his records aren’t here so it was a miracle to find him. Ends up as well he is married and has a wife that is pregnant and not a member. We are excited to work with them. We passed by there Saturday but his wife was feeling sick so we just talked to him. We asked him if he gave thought into going back to church. He said that after he talked to us he felt the Holy Ghost so strongly in his chest that he could not deny that that is what he had to do. We hopefully will be able to meet with him this week and his wife.

Also we found a man from Africa who went to church for a year while he lived there but then moved to Brazil and lost contact with the church. He speaks Portuguese but feels more open speaking English. So basically I taught the whole lesson in English which was really cool. He is a little scared to just follow a religion and commit to baptism for now, but he said that if he truly feels that it is true he will follow. The first step is just getting him going back to church again.

We have another investigator called Kaka, we met him after his mom who is an investigator. We went there one day and left a small message with his mom. Kaka was there as well and heard our message (which only was 5 min). When we went back looking for his mom, Kaka was home again. His mom wasn’t home so we decided just to teach him. He told us after our lesson that after we left him that small message a few days ago he had been thinking a lot about us and the Book of Mormon, until the point that he was getting anxious to hear us again. He works a lot though so it is really difficult to find him at home. But hopefully he will continue to progress until baptism.

The last miracle we saw here was looking for old investigators to start teaching again. We found one, and good thing we did cause he ended up moving a few days after we found him to another house in our area, and if we did not find him we never would have cause his address we have would not be correct. He is really special and knows the church is true. He just thinks that he will be condemned if he is baptized again. So we gotta try and fix that problem with him but hopefully soon we can get him baptized. He already went to church two times so he can be baptized this weekend if he wants to.

But I am running low on time. I love you all and hope that you all have a good week this week! I will be thinking of you all and praying for you all every day!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

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