Tuesday, October 29, 2013

100 Days


So I hope that you all got the forward I sent which is my airplane ticket. So now we know the hour in which I will be arriving. The plane will leave a little later than I thought and wanted but I am happy anyways. Looks like I will be getting back just in time for lunch. But the end is finally coming. Here in two weeks I will start my second to last transfer and I will only have 12 weeks left. But I am doing all I can to stay focused on the work and what I am doing here. This week was rather slow. It was hot again and a lot of our plans fell through, although we did manage to get a baptism this week, which I was thankful for. We do have more on the way. It is strange cause now I feel weird if we don’t have a baptism during the week. I feel like that I did something wrong. But I know that the Lord is truly blessing my companion and me. I have baptized more people the last two transfers than just about my whole mission put together and I want to keep on with this pace. It is strange cause you don’t really know how to be a good missionary until about the end, then you go home. I truly have learned so much and my faith has grown greatly as well in the Lord. Clearly I know I have a whole lot of room to improve on in that section. Every time I let an opportunity go by due to fear I think about how I faulted faith at that moment. The opposite of faith is fear. When we have fear miracles cannot happen. We need to be sure to always trust in the Lord and not fear the future. If we are keeping the commandments and living up to His standards everything will work out great and it will all be all right. But we must obey with exactness, much like the stories of Joshua at Jericho and Namaã (sorry don’t know the name in English) who bathed in the river seven times to be cured of leprosy. We can never think any instruction or command from our church leaders is too small or too easy to be obeyed. I know this church is true and that we have a prophet of God called to speak His will to us, and when we obey, all will be all right. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week!

With all the love in the world,

Elder William Shelton
Sorry. I know this isn't the best picture, but the kid behind the jumping girls was our baptism this week, Andrey.
The girl beside me is our baptism from last week called Maiara. Her dad is next to her.

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