Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost out of the MTC!!

Well, really I got a week and a half left but I cannot wait! It is kinda like being stuck in limbo cause you’ re not really on your mission yet. But this week was a pretty good one. Oh and sorry the pictures didn’t send, I’ll try again. Thankfully I have not gotten sick yet despite the fact that my companion has an eye infection, a staff infection, and a nasal infection which I kinda feel bad for him but at least we do not have to go tracting every day yet. Well my favorite part about conference has got to be the talk given by Richard G. Scott. I really enjoyed his talk on how we can receive personal revelation. This especially applied to me since I am on a mission and need to get all the inspiration I can get. I will be sure to write down any promptings I feel during my time here on my mission. But as a whole conference was really good. We got all of Saturday off to watch it so I did not have 7 hours of teaching time, which I did enjoy. But as a whole it was spiritual and I plan on reading the talks again once the new Ensign comes out. The temple was good today and it was nice getting to see more of Sao Paulo from the bus, in the more developed areas it looks a lot like America, there is even a Wal-Mart and a big mall next to the temple which is a little weird. But I don’t have much else to say cause none of you are asking me questions! Until next week.

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