Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Third Week in the MTC

This week was a pretty good week. I am getting along better with my companions and I am continuing to grow more and more here. The language is coming along better each day. So the highlight of this week is my mission president came and talked at our Sunday fireside which was really awesome cause I got to meet him. Pretty much he is this huge black guy who looks and sounds like James Earl Jones (guy who did voice for Darth Vader). He is really sarcastic but also takes missionary work very seriously which is good. So I am now even more excited than ever to get to go into the field. I am excited to see how exactly the field will be like. So I went to the Sao Paulo temple today but did not take pictures because it is a cloudy day and the steeple was being worked on so it did not look very good. So I will try and take more tomorrow. But other than that this week has just been like most of the others. Lots of studying and lots of practice. If y’all want longer emails y’all have to e mail me back and ask questions! Anyways I gotta go. I’ll try emailing y’all some pictures in a bit.

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