Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Long Hard Week

So to be honest nothing that great happened this week. My comp has been having problems with his health so we basically just stayed home all day everyday, which was really boring for me. We do have transfers this Wednesday and I am sure that one of us will be transferred so lets see what happens. I hope I am not transferred. I am tired of always moving.

To make things worse the family that we baptized this past week during conference didn’t go to church to be confirmed on Sunday... It was really sad cause we did everything correct. We passed by everyday and they all seemed excited to be confirmed on Sunday. But on Saturday night we passed by and the wife said she no longer wanted to go to church and said that she only baptized because of impulse. Her husband still wants to be confirmed as well as their 8 year old daughter, but her husband wont go to church without her and now doesn’t want to be confirmed as well.... This was basically rubbing salt into the wound with how I spent the most part of my week in my house. But all things will work out. They still like receiving us so we will just have to teach everything again and do all we can to get them confirmed.

However in all of this we did have one good thing happen this week. We met a man from Bolivia on Sunday night. He encountered the church in Bolivia and was taught by the missionaries a few times there, but then moved to Brazil. He has been frequenting church here at another church building every week, and the missionaries of that area passed his address to us. We went there and he was really receptive. We quickly taught the restoration and asked him to be baptized on the 27. He accepted. This was a nice relief from the week I had. Thankfully there is another member who is Boliviano who lives really close to him which will help us a lot in helping him come to church. However right now he is living with this divorced wife and is planning on moving somewhere, so he could leave our area, but that doesn’t matter just as long as he is baptized.

But that is about all that happened this week with me. I am doing all right, just feeling a little down, but I know this week will be a better week. I love you all and thank you all for the love and support y’all give. Know y’all are in my prayers and I am always thinking of y’all!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

P.s. remember that Mother’s Day is coming up in about 4 weeks. I am planning on being on about 3 or 4 my time. However this can change with transfers. I am just letting y’all know what I am thinking so we can go ahead and get this planned.

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