Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Pretty Good Week


So the start of the week was kind of a slow one and we were afraid that this week would be very difficult. We didn’t have a lot of new investigators to work with cause we put so much time and focus on the family we have been working with, and things with them were not looking good. We found out some personal information about the mom that seemed to jeopardize the desire of her to baptize, and she was really, really sad for the most part of the week and wanting nothing to do with baptism. She liked the church but she felt that baptism was too early and was not willing to commit. For the most part of the week we were sad and worried about them and honestly thinking their baptism would not happen this weekend. Two of the family members needed a second interview with our mission president, which happened on Friday. We related the information we had about Fransisca (the mother) and he decided it would be good to interview her as well. So the interviews started. All of the family was interviewed and as they all left they all left much more relieved and looking a lot more happier than before. The interviews ended, it was already 9 so we had to look like we were returning home until our mission president left. Then we ran back to the house of the family cause they invited us to eat pizza. While we were there the mom (Fransisca) surprised us all. She asked us when their baptism would be. We asked her if it could be on Sunday between the sessions of conference and they all accepted! I know that my mission president really is an inspired man and really did help this family feel prepared for baptism. I know that it was not exactly him or us that brought this family to baptism but the Lord. Just President Martins is a little more fine tuned of an instrument than us. Also his age and title carry a lot of weight. But the baptism went really well. The family watched the first session on Sunday then immediately after we had the baptism. It went really well, although both Marcos and Fransisca were really afraid of the water and we had to baptize them each twice cause their hands didn’t go under the water. I baptized Fransisca and the daughter Franssynee and Elder Arevalo baptized Marcos. It was a really special conference this week and truly a miracle which happened with this family. Next week they will be confirmed members of the church and hopefully we can baptize the other daughter this weekend who was in Fransisco Morato this past weekend. But we will see. Thank you for all of your supportive prayers and for all of the love you all give me.

So conference was really good. I was not able to watch the Priesthood session because of the hour, but I was able to watch all the others and in English, which was great. I really enjoyed the talk given by Holland on faith. It really did make me think how I can use more faith in my work here in Brazil and how I can bring more of the children of God back to him. Remember, the size of your faith is not important, its your faithfulness to the little faith you have that counts. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week. Know that I am praying for you all!

With love

Elder Shelton


The Family

A Churrasco we had the night before the baptism.

The Corinthians blanket I got from an investigator. He is a really cool guy. Also, this is the soccer club I chear for down here.

Also, this blanket is really soft and awesome.

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