Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Very Exhausting Week


So this week I have been worn out all week. The fact that we went to the center last P-day meant that I was not able to get my rest that I needed for this week. Also we were getting home later than 9 due to teaching lessons and trying to prepare that family we are teaching for baptism. So basically I have just about been fighting sleep all week. However today we had a pretty relaxed day and was able to recharge my batteries a little.

But this week went fairly well. We planned a lot and worked a lot with the family we were hoping to baptize this last weekend. However, sadly we were not able to do so. They were interviewed but two of the members of the family will need a second interview with my Mission President. Hopefully we can have them baptized this next weekend between sessions of conference. We did have a miracle happen with the wife. She really loves coffee and could not stop drinking it. The night she was interviewed she prayed before she went to bed that she could have the strength to stop drinking coffee. She said that the next morning she woke up and no longer had that desire to drink coffee. It really was great to hear that and hopefully this weekend we can get this lovely family of 4 baptized and in one year sealed for time and all eternity.

We are also working with a young man whose father is a recent convert to the church. He went to church last Sunday and we were able to meet with him and teach him this last week. He is really excited for the church (cause before he went there he thought that we were all makumbeiros or we practice witchcraft) But we were able to mark a date to baptize him this next weekend as well between general conference sessions. Hopefully we can make all this happen.

Well this week my mission president called us for a special training session to talk about a program he was part of on a local TV channel here in Sao Paulo. He talked to us about how he wanted us to use this program to bring in lots of member references cause basically he taught the first lesson on the program. The topic of the program was the Story of Christ True; there was a pastor from an Evangelical church, a leader from Espiritismo, and a Catholic Padre. Basically President Martins wasn’t too worried about talking about historical facts and what not, but he talked about the Book of Mormon and basically all of the time was just trying to get people to receive one. He invited everyone who was watching three times to visit www.mormon.org.br and ask for a Book of Mormon. After the show he presented a Book of Mormon to the pastor and said that he was going to go to his church and try and baptize him. Anyways the program is in Portuguese so it wont be of much use to send it to y’all to watch. But still it was really cool.

But that is about it with what is happening here in my mission. I am doing all I can to stay happy and keep on working hard here in Vila Medeiros. I hope that you all have a great week and that you all stay happy and healthy. I am excited for conference this week and will be cool knowing that you all are assisting it with me at the same time. Hope you all enjoy conference and remember the teachings, which our church leaders pass for us and strive to improve our lives. I love you all and hope that y’all have a great week!!

With love,

Elder William Robert Shelton

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