Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Start of a New Transfer


Well.... I have been transferred.... AGAIN!!! But this time I was transferred to an area which is in the same stake and actually next to my old area Horto Florestal. I am taking care of two areas called Tucuruvi and Santana. Santana being where the new mission office will be here in a few months with the change of the mission. So I don’t know how long I will be staying here in this area as well cause it will be the area of the office next transfer and to continue here I will basically have to be called as an assistant to the president or as a worker in the office. But right now I was called to be Zone Leader which means me and my comp take care to make sure that everything is going alright in our zone (a zone is a stake) and help the missionaries in the work. The work here is going great. We found several great families, which we are teaching and hoping to prepare for baptism for the 8th of June. One family we are helping get married and then baptized. They will take a little longer however with the need to get married. We found some of these people through an old investigator (that has mental difficulties, but a very great person) who has a son who is baptized. She showed us a whole bunch of friends and just brought us to their house and asked them if we could just leave a prayer in their home and of course everyone let us. We are now teaching these people and they are showing great promise. This shows just how easy it is to share the gospel. We just gotta open our mouths!

So this Saturday I had the chance to see a sealing of a convert my comp has. It was really special and really, really spiritual. It was so neat to be able to see the sealing ordinance, especially with it being with a living couple and with it being my first time seeing it. Also on the way to the temple a couple stopped us and asked us if we were Mormons and how they can enter the temple and when they have meetings at church. I, of course, told them that they couldn’t enter the temple now, but they had church meetings in the chapel next to the temple at 9. They live in the Morumbi, which is the richest part of São Paulo and the area most difficult to work in. It is the area of the assistants to the president and finding people to teach is a huge challenge for them. We passed them the mans address and the assistants went there that day and visited with him and his wife. They then called us and said that they were a family elect! They went to church the next day and they want to be baptized. It really was neat to be able to have that experience going to the temple. But my time is going low. Just so y’all know my new comp is called Elder Lago. He is a Brazilian from Salvador Bahia. He goes home in August and is a very good comp. I have some pictures of him and I at the temple I will send. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week!!!!! I love you all to the end of the earth and back!!!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

My companion

Here is the married couple and the temple doors.

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