Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Week of Walking

So this week went by fairly fast, but we ended up doing a lot of walking and a lot of the people we hoped would progress ended up falling through or wanting nothing to do with the church. But with a lot of lessons falling through we ended up walking a ton. Also with all of our documents of previous investigators and other info in the Area Book being extremely disorganized we were wasting a lot of time planning and planning efficiently. So this week we are focusing on organizing all of that so that we can work a lot more effectively and walk less. This is especially important with taking care of two areas at the same time cause the area to work is large and there are a lot of really big hills that we have to climb and my legs and knees are really taking a beating.

However despite all of the challenges we were able to see some good things happen here in our area. The ward of Tucuruvi usually didn’t want to do a lot in terms of help us out, but this week we found out that in their ward council meeting they decided to start doing a night of integration about once a week or every 15 days so that the members could help in bringing new people to know the church and introduce us too. This will help a lot, especially with this area being a lot more difficult due to the most part of the people here being rather wealthy and living in apartments. We are happy for this and we are hoping to have joint activities with Tucuruvi and Santana (Santana is a much stronger ward and the difference is drastic between the two wards, but Tucuruvi is getting better). Also this will allow us to have even more chances of getting investigators to work with. And we will help both of these areas be prepared for when other missionaries come when the new mission opens and the mission office is moved to the area I am now. I am almost sure I will be staying here in Sao Paulo North mission too so I should continue having President Martins as my mission president. I love you all and hope that you all are having a great week! Until next week! Sorry I have been really bad about not taking pictures this week!

With love,

Elder Shelton

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