Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Better Week


Well this week was a better one than the past few weeks. We were able to get our area book organized which allowed us to plan a lot better and a lot more efficient than before. So we did a lot less walking and we were able to teach more lessons as well which was nice. Also we have several people preparing quite well for baptism as well. We have two young men, Rafael (age 22) and Wagner (24) who we are working with. We are also talking to their family but we still haven’t been able to talk to Wagner’s wife and their parents are not progressing as well as they are. But they both are reading the Book of Mormon and they both are really enjoying our visits. We were able to mark a baptismal date with Rafael for the 23rd. We hope that we can prepare him well for that day. He and Wagner both had strange dreams after we taught a really good lesson on Tuesday. Rafael said that a woman appeared to him and said he was chosen. Wagner had a dream where he was sitting on a rock and he saw a man from far away and a voice said to him "Will you follow Him?”. Hopefully the Spirit will continue to work with these men and help prepare them for baptism. Sadly they did not go to church but we think they were a little shy to go without knowing anyone, so we are going to bring a member with us this week to teach them.

This week we also had the mission council for all of the zone leaders. Mostly we just talked about the new mission office, which basically took one hour and a half and the conclusion? No body knows anything about what is going to happen. All they know is that it is going to be in the area I am in now and we will change some time in the next few weeks. I don’t know how much more time I have left in this area, which is kind of annoying cause I just got here, but I will be alright and go where the Lord wants me to go without complaint. But also at the council we learned that our mission is getting two districts which are wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyy out in the middle of nowhere (over 7 hours of travel to get there). All of the units there are branches and the leadership is really new. So if I go there we will be involved a lot in church leadership and direct work with the members. This would be kind of interesting since all of the wards I can really remember working in are all old wards and really strong. But still I wont know where I am going until about the day I am transferred. But that is about what all has been going on here. I am doing fine for the most part. Just waiting to see what next will happen and hopping I will stay in my next area a good time. Hopefully for the next 4 transfers which will then be the end of my mission! But we will see. I love you all and thank you all for all of the help and support y’all give! Have a great week!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

A view of the center from my area.

Me and a member from Sao Domingos (Yeah, I know its a little late!).

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