Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last week in Tucuruvi/Santana


Well I found out today that I will be getting transferred this week. To where I still do not know, I will find out tonight sometime. I just hope that in this next area I will stay a good three transfers or two. I am just hoping for two more areas in my mission and nothing less. I am getting really tired of being transferred so much, also of trading companions every six weeks. I get accustomed to one comp and then get transferred to a new one and then the process repeats. Lets see however if my companion and me now will not open an area together or something like that. So this week I will have my interview with my mission president so I will talk to him about me going home early this week and see what is the process I need to do to make that happen and what not. The only problem is my interviews are scheduled for when we are going to have the emergency transfer this week in preparation for the creation of the new mission. So I am not sure what day our interviews will happen or if I will have to wait until next week. Maybe President Martins will interview us at the office or something not sure. I am not being informed about nothing and it is kind of bugging me especially since I am thrown in the mix. I thought that transfers wouldn’t be until next week but it looks like it will happen this week.

So this week started out as a long hard week. We had a lot of appointments fall through and nothing seemed to work out. We walked a lot and it was pretty hot this week as well (except for the weekend when it got a little cooler and rained a bit). We also had our zone conference this past week. It went well but it was also really long (it started at 9 and didn’t end till about 6) but it was still really good to get to hear my mission president and learn more about what we can do to improve the work here. We also found a family that is really, really good. They were taught by the missionaries before, but because they are reforming their home they have not been at home very much so the missionaries lost contact with them. But this last week we managed to get in touch with them and teach them. The father is really excited and was very happy that we were able to visit them again. He said he wants to be baptized but does not yet have an answer. He said he thinks he will get a response once he goes to church and maybe knows a few more members. We are working with that to help him with that and hope that when the group of Sister missionaries that comes in this week they can get them baptized. But that is about what is happening here with me. I will let you all know a little more about what is going on with transfers next week and also about what is happening with me and going home early as well. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week!

With love,

Elder William Shelton

Sorry I have been really bad at taking pictures....

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