Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Eventful Week


So this week ended up being a rather long one. Maybe cause it was full of events that are taking place here in Brazil and what not. So I don’t know if you all have heard but all of Brazil is or at least was, basically is civil revolt with a lot of protests happening in hundreds of cities all over Brazil. I don’t know what you have all seen or heard. In some areas it is kind of bad, but here in Sao Paulo it is fairly calm for the most part. The protesters are calm for the most part and not breaking things. We had two protests in my area one day but I was still rather far from them. I am safe and healthy though so do not worry about me. All of these protests started in Sao Paulo when they raised the bus fair 10 cents (US). Clearly it was not for this, everyone here in Brazil is sick and tired of the corrupt politics they have here, but no one has done anything until now which is big news and truly a moment historic here in Brazil. This really could help the country grow much more and become a first world country if all things work out right. But don’t worry I am fine for now. If you all want more info you should be able to find out more on the CNN website or something.

Also this week we had the world broadcast of the first presidency. For those that watched it you may have noticed that there were several video clips taken in Brazil. All of those were taken within my mission and with missionaries I know, as well as some of my old district and zone members! It was crazy to see them. Sadly, I was not featured, but oh well. In terms of the broadcast they really did not teach anything new. All of the quotes and principles found in the broadcast can be found in Preach My Gospel. The only problem is that the members were not applying Preach My Gospel and not reading it. It would be great if all of you could read Preach My Gospel, specifically chapters 9,3, and 13. These will help you become a better member missionary and help you in helping the missionaries more in your area. It was great to see the broadcast and to feel one with you all.

But in terms of work this week it went all right. We are still having problems in having progressing investigators. Many promise to go to church but don’t go. However we found a new family we are excited to be working with. The best thing is that they are legally married which helps a ton! We are excited for the work here.

So I ended up not getting transferred in this mini transfer that happened last week, however I am almost sure I will be transferred in the true transfer that will happen next week. We will see what will happen. Also I talked to my mission president about me coming home early. He gave me the guilt trip about how I will be cutting off almost 3 months of my mission if I go home in December. He is right. I received my call to serve and I need to complete what Heavenly Father asks of me to do. Many missionaries gave up much more than 6 weeks to serve missions, especially at the start of the restored church and in the days of the Apostles. Now days we got tablets to use, money to use, houses, and a church building and everything. So I am almost sure I will be staying till January now on the mission.

I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a great week this week!

With Love,

Elder Shelton

Yeah. That is a name of a city here in Sao Paulo.
The husband of the baptism I had while I was in Horto Florestal. I saw him at the broadcast last night.

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