Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Area


Me, Elder Reynolds and Elder Parker

Some of my area. Yes, it is basically next to the jungle in some parts.

The baptism.

A really big hill I have to climb everyday.

So I am in a new area called Cachoeirinha, which is still in the same stake as my last area. I am also still with my same companion Elder Lago which makes things a lot more easier to get accustomed too. There were two elders working there but they both left and we took their place, so we are opening an area but we already have a bit to work with. Also, one of the elders that was working there is in the area next to ours now and lives with us, so we were able to do a few divisions with him and get to know the area and the investigators which he was working with which made the change a lot more easier.

So the area I am in is poorer class, meaning it is mostly favela or slum. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The people usually are a lot more humble and a lot easier to work with, but also you have to be a lot more careful. With that I probably will not be bringing my camera again with me while I work cause I don’t want it to get robbed or anything. But for the most part the area is not too dangerous and most of the people already know the missionaries and are used to seeing them. But still.

So we have several good investigators, which with we are working with. Two are of a recent convert who brought his family to church for the first time this week, which was great. We still have not had the chance to talk to them but we marked to visit with them on Tuesday. Also this week I got here and was able to baptize a young man who is grandson of a member. He is a really special young man and it was great getting to an area with a baptism already there waiting. It helped me and my companion get excited working here in this area and also helped the members get excited as well. However the machine, which heats the water, was broken so the water was freezing cold. Sadly too I did the baptism wrong the first time cause my arm was not exactly at the square. The poor kid was almost freezing to death cause I had to dunk him twice and the water was so cold. But the baptism happened and the young man was still very happy that it happened despite the cold water.

I am feeling better this week in terms of my mood, but I did have a kind of rough cold this week but now I am finally getting over it. I am excited and working hard here in my new area and doing my best to bring as many souls as possible to the Lord. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week!

With Love,

Elder William Shelton

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