Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Week Full of Ups and Downs

Well this week was decent at the start, and then got kind of bad. This week on Thursday (Thanksgiving) we went to the temple of Sao Paulo for my comp to get sealed to his family. It was great to see him do that and while there I got to see the man I first baptized on the mission. He was in the distribution center preparing to enter the temple for the first time with his wife. They are going to get married the 14th of December! Also they informed me that my second area (Jd. Veloso where they live) is being divided and will form ala Jd. Velosos and ala conceição! I am really happy to hear that and so excited for them!

Although due to the fact that we couldn’t work in my area for two days the baptismal dates that we had marked for this weekend fell through cause we couldn’t help them stop drinking coffee. But we re-marked their baptism for this weekend and hopefully everything will work out. I just felt really stressed this weekend cause the zone where I am at has been baptizing a lot recently and the stake and mission president are not wanting that to stop. But since I have gotten here the zone has kind of stopped baptizing, mostly due to the fact that just about the whole zone moved this transfer and we have a bunch of really new inexperienced missionaries here. I just got worried that the stake will lose their trust in us and that I am letting down the Lord with the work giving a stop. But I said a prayer asking the Lord for help and I feel better now. Everything will work out and I will have a great end to my mission. Well I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week this week! Remember that I am planning on calling on Christmas day at 5 my time (2 in SC or 12 in Utah) on Skype so everyone be prepared. Please send me an e-mail confirming this time with me, thanks!

With love,

Elder Shelton

Me at the temple.

My first baptism of the mission irmão Simplicio! Do they look familiar? Yeah, I know they don't seem that happy but they really were!

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